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These days, inbound marketing is the elephant in the room.

Every business knows they need to figure out how to put inbound to work for them, but most have no idea how to start the conversation.

That’s just one of the reasons why inbound digital marketing agency HELLO Marketing chose the mighty elephant as our calling card. With the evolution of marketing technology, co-founders Lauren Canning and Evan Elizabeth Harder saw a tremendous opportunity to help growing businesses leverage game-changing inbound tools & tactics.

Together, they’re putting their passion and hands-on experience to work for companies that are ready to accelerate their growth with inbound marketing. As seasoned marketing pros, the HELLO team brings proven expertise and a results-focused mindset to every engagement — from increasing a manufacturing company’s site visits by 158% to doubling the number of blog visitors for a professional services firm.




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If you’re ready for a hard-charging and unforgettable inbound marketing strategy that can help make you king of your industry jungle, you’ve come to the right place. 

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Lauren Canning

Lauren Canning



Inspired and energized by the entrepreneurial spirit, Lauren Canning loves working with, learning from and supporting the goals of business owners — and they certainly seem to love her in return. Says one longtime client, “Smart, likeable and perceptive only start to describe what Lauren brings to the table. She quickly understands and connects with a client’s mission and adds value to every thing she touches.”
With 25+ years of experience developing, implementing and maintaining business process, customer service and marketing strategies, Lauren enjoys getting to know people and helping them think differently. She is a firm believer in the power of collaboration and is fueled by dynamic conversations and exchanging of ideas. An in-demand speaker on leveraging social media tools like LinkedIn, Lauren sums up her business philosophy like this: “If you’re not having fun, then you shouldn’t be doing it.”

Lauren Canning's Inbound Certification

Evan Elizabeth Harder

Evan Elizabeth Harder



Known for designing processes that deliver results, Evan Elizabeth Harder is convinced that marketing has an unfair reputation as a “dark art.” But at its core, marketing is really about understanding people and their problems, and communicating a solution effectively — which explains why HELLO Marketing focuses on getting to know its clients’ buyers and their motivations.
Evan’s wide-ranging experience — from non-profit and medical technology to industrial and professional services — taught her that the most successful marketing initiatives are goal oriented, results driven and measurable. She credits her upbringing for her innate problem-solving and people skills, and captures her business philosophy in a single word: grit. Says Evan, “Plain and simple, you have to believe in what you’re doing, dedicate yourself to the process, and understand that your success is as great as your willingness to keep at it.”

Evan Elizabeth Harder's Inbound Certification

Renee Bauer

Renee Bauer

Lead content developer

Renee is a seasoned writer with a unique voice and 20 years of experience creating audience-focused content. She has produced deliverables for technical, professional and consumer audiences, serving a variety of industries including medical technology, manufacturing, professional services, software development, education, advertising and non-profit. Known for her determination to deliver on commitments, Renee takes pride in consistently producing quality content that exceeds expectations and gets results.

“Writing great content requires more than a gift for language,” she says. “You need to be equally left- and right-brained. It takes analytical skills to solve problems and creativity to come up with ideas. That, and lots of research.” Renee’s instinctive customer focus, along with her Buyer Persona Institute certification, make her uniquely qualified to uncover and understand buyer motives and behavior and to use those insights to create effective content.

Renee Bauer's Inbound Certification

Amanda Thames

Amanda Thames

Social Media Expert

Social by nature and by trade, Amanda Thames understands that in the world of social media, it’s important to know where your audience is, and be there with a compelling message that is unique to your business. Part of any holistic marketing plan, a strong presence on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and other networks is essential to building a brand’s identity. At Hello Marketing, Amanda shines at Crafting social media campaigns that are tailored to each client’s needs and goals.

Amanda’s experience spans from project management for large entertainment brands to managing every aspect of social media campaigns for businesses of all sizes. According to Amanda, “Social media is not only a marketing tool, it’s an invaluable medium for building your brand’s identity, engaging with your customers one-on-one, and growing your business in ways that traditional marketing cannot achieve alone.”

Buyer Persona Certificate